Public Highway: Stall holders will only trade in private land such as their own front/back garden or any other communal space. They public highway is a responsibility of the council. A public right of way is a highway which any member of the public may use as a right. The council can take action to protect the path and it has a duty to assert, and keep open and free from obstruction; 

Noise pollution: Stall involving music or amplification will need to make sure the noise is not disturbing local residents and businesses. Causing a nuisance as a result of too much noise as it is an offence and can result in legal action. For more information and advice contact the Noise Pollution Team at or contact on 020 8356 4455 or email [email protected];

Food and food hygiene: Food poisoning is potentially dangerous and it is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure that residents don’t get ill. For advice and guidance please contact Ebony Dormer-Kuti Environmental Health Standards Office on [email protected] Food supplied, sold or provided outside of the family / domestic setting is subject to EU food law and must be safe to eat, the following link provides further general safety in the Q&A: Please will you inform the champions if you are providing food, the types of food sold, fuel sources to cook the food, water provisions, hand washing provisions and identification of allergens.


Waste: All events generate rubbish, stall holders will need to have provisions in place for refuse collection. Stall holders will be responsible for the spread of any litter from the site that is directly attributable to the stall. Hackney’s Waste Services can provide a quote for waste collection provisions for communal spaces where several stall holders are sharing space. Stall holders shall ensure that any unwanted liquids are not disposed of into the public sewage directly outside their stall. Dropping littering or leaving waste behind is a criminal offence. Any stall holders caught dropping or leaving waste behind after the event may receive a Fixed Penalty Notice. For further information contact the Waste Service on 020 8356 6683 or email [email protected]

Flyposting: Stall holders shall not “fly post” any leaflets, posters or advertisement in connection with the event. “Fly posting” is an offence and as such the Council is empowered to take proceedings against offenders.”