saturday 9th june 2018 11am-3pm


The jumble trail concept is to have a huge 'car boot sale' on our streets. The idea is to have a mini 'shop' in your garden or at the front of your house selling bric-a-brac, toys, vintage clothes, cakes, artwork, craft, or whatever you like. Everyone is encouraged to walk around the trail, meeting neighbours, buying, socialising and having fun! 

Your location, wares and even photos will be uploaded onto our interactive map. There will also be a printed map with stalls that have joined in time that will be available around the trail. 

Leaflets and posters will be distributed around the whole area and posters will be available to download and print.

All donations will go to support Queensbridge Primary School, so you will not only be having a fun day meeting your neighbours, but also helping out one of our local schools!

On the day, there is a 'Hackney Streets Play' day on Albion Drive, so half of the street will be closed to cars and kids can play and run around. 


ANYONE IN THE LONDON FIELDS AREA! Please see the map for the boundary line. Radiating from Albion Drive and Square, the sale will go from the canal up to Dalston Lane. Then from Kingsland Road to Mare Street. 

EVERYONE IS WELCOME!  No matter how small your shop might be. If you just want to recycle bits and pieces from your house and be on the street to join it, or if you make amazing jumpers and want to show them off to London Fields. 

PARENTS AND FRIENDS OF QUEENSBRIDGE PRIMARY please join in and get involved! If you are not in the area, but know people in the area, please link up and share spaces or find free spaces. The more the merrier!

Please contact us if you have spare space (for example if you are away or have neighbours who aren't joining in) or if you want a space and need help finding one. 

PLEASE SUPPORT OTHER STALLS! Please wander around the trail. You never know who you might meet or what you might find. One man's (or woman's!)  jumble is another's treasure! 

DONATIONS are not compulsary, but many stalls will donate a portion of their profits to Queensbridge school, so SPEND SPEND SPEND! 




  1. Please get things started by donating here 'go fund me'. We’d love a minimum donation of £10 but give as little or as much as you can.
  2. After donating, please contact us with details of your stall address and any other information. We will include these details on our online and print map. Information about what you will sell would be great as people will be able to see this online, and we will colour code the map as much as possible.
  3. On the day, set up your stall, have fun and raise as much money as you can!
  4. Any proceeds from the day that you’d like to donate can also be donated via 'go fund me'. But you can of course also keep some or all them for yourselves!
  5. If you want to ensure your donation goes even further please fill in this gift aid declaration form (download here) for every donation and return to us at [email protected]

Whilst the jumbletrail is predominantly a community event, it's also a great excuse to raise money for one of our local schools. 


Every single pupil at Queensbridge Primary School stands to loose around £400 in funding during the next academic year due to government cuts.

Our children are the future and deserve the very best education. The Queensbridge staff are inspirationally brilliant and create magic with the resources at their disposal. They need our help to go some way in plugging the shortfall in their budget. 

With your help we’re aiming to raise money to fund supplies and equipment. Anything we can raise will benefit the whole school.

All funds will be administered by the Queensbridge PTA. 

We have recently funded a range of exciting projects - school & theatre trips, in-school events such as theatre and science visits, purchases of music, art and play equipment and organised community events to strengthen the links between the entire school community. 

This has only been possibly because of the AMAZING effort, activity and generosity of parents/carers/teachers/pupils and families.

Please help us do more. The more we raise the more we can do!

There are larger exciting school projects that we could support if we raise sufficient funds.

We are most grateful for all support and hope that interest and generosity will continue in the future. The money raised makes a significant difference to the provision the children receive.

Please get involved by encouraging others to participate, by donating, by coming to the jumble trail!


Albion Drive will be closed off on the day for Hackney Play Streets

The road will be closed to through traffic and will be stewarded. Residents will have stewarded access at 5MPH. Parked cars allowed - but please park somewhere else if you can!! 

Parents/carers are responsible for their children as normal


These AMAZING businesses are all friends and supporters of Queensbridge school. Some have stalls, so please visit them along the way! Without them, we wouldn't be able to raise as much money. Thank you all of you for your support! Links to websites below too.

100% of proceeds will go to one of our local schools, Queensbridge Primary.

Email us with your address and details of what you intend to sell and we will upload to our online map.

These amazing businesses are sponsors of Queensbridge Primary, please support them back!



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Get in touch with your details for the map and any other enquiries.